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How to Transfer Games from PC to HDD for JTAG / RGH Xbox

Transferring content from PC to XBOX HDD (Jtag/RGH Xbox)

Requirement :-
JTAG/RGH Xbox with internal HDD
Network Cable
DSL Router or Network Switch
FTP Client Software for PC.


Connect Your Xbox to Home network with Network Switch or DSL Router
Start Freestyle Dashboard directly from Menu, USB, Xexmenu etc, the console which i JTAG/RGH You will find Freestyle dashboard just under MY Games as shown below :

Once Freestyle Dashboard is loaded it will show the XBOX IP address at bottom of the screen as picture below I marked that area with red circle.

Start FTP Client in Your PC, You can download Free FTP Client "FileZilla" from this link ,In my case i am going to use "CuteFTP" but all FTP client software are almost same. Once FTP Client starts, Type in You Xbox IP Address, Username & Password will be XBOX and click connect as shown below.

Once connected You will see 2 folders GAME & HDD1, HDD1 is Your internal Xbox HDD, double click to explore as shown below

Now make folder GAME or GAMES in your internal HDD1 and transfer each game folder inside that, in my case i have already folder called GAME, so i will just select and double click it to open then select one of the folder from my local PC HDD and upload it to Xbox HDD as example below

You will see Content inside HDD, in image below on rite side is mine XBOX Hdd content and left side is local PC HDD where i already extracted few games from iso into separate folder.

Select Game folder from local HDD which You want to Transfer > Rite Click > Select Upload, it will transfer that Game folder to Xbox HDD internal HDD into Game Folder, You can also select and transfers multiple game folder at a time.

Note :Each game might take 15 to 20mints to transfer depend on size and speed of your network, I always recommend internal HDD for Jtag cause external HDD must be FAT32 and with FAT32 file can't be larger then 4GB with this possibilities there are many games which can't by dumped or played from external HDD. with Jtag/RGH console you don't need to buy official MS internal HDD, any Laptop SATA HDD will work which are easily available from computer shops, at a moment 500GB SATA internal HDD is around 180/= AED.

For any question regarding this Guide please post reply to this thread.

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